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The Home Team:

My Bromance with Off-Brand Sports

The Home Team:

My Bromance with Off-Brand Sports

Scott Adamson

Birmingham, Alabama – the Football Capital of the South – has likely had more pro football teams than any other city. None have been in the NFL, and all have failed. Quickly. 

Veteran sportswriter Scott Adamson takes us on a fan’s-eye view of life with Brand X football. The Home Team: My Bromance with Off-Brand Football is the funny, somewhat tortured, journey of a fanatic’s life long quest for a hometown team of his own.

The Home Team is filled with trivia, history, heartache, and more trivia. And how game day hotdogs can be fatal to young romance. Adamson’s account of Birmingham’s unsinkable quest for pro football is for any fan whose hometown’s reach has exceeded its grasp.

Haint Punch

Lucy Burton is sitting on the biggest political of the year. Deke Kipling has been canceled by the radical left and right. She needs to get inside the political maneuvering of a Labor Day Dove Shoot in the Mississippi Delta. He needs a vacation. 

The race for a Mississippi Senate seat is on, but  is Aubrey Laudermilk, the “Old Bear of Mississippi Politics,” contemplating a grab for the White House? Or is he a latter-day Guy Fawkes, planning to blow the whole thing? What follows is a stiff cocktail of lecherous politicos, violent peaceniks, alt-right dateless wonders, unwashed nymphomaniacs, bourbon-soaked aristocrats, and a gas-bag media all stirred with the very large penis of a hooved mammal. 

HAINT PUNCH is “House of Cards” on laughing gas. Topical and hilarious, touching a deep and widespread feeling that we must cry for the current state of affairs, or have a side splitting laugh about it.

Richard Murff

Teacher Affirmations

David Seale

You have the most important job in the world - and one of the hardest. As a stundent, you never realized that your hero-teachers were about one nub of chalk away from coming unglued. They also felt like the children, parents and even the very school system were working against them.


For over 25 years, David Seale - creator and host of the Teacher Affirmations podcast, has spanned grades K-12 as teacher, basketball and debate coach, central office coordinator and principal. He's seen it all and doesn't want to stop. He doesn't want you to stop either.


Teacher Affirmations is an inspirational motivation, a daily devotional to your calling. Based on the inspirational podcast, these short chapters are a cup of coffee on Monday or a high-five on Friday. Not just the "How?" but the "Why?" Because you have the most important job in the world. 

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