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Drunk As Lords:
The World In It's Cups

We’ve always been soaks and boozers, convinced that a magic elixir would make us taller, charming and just a little less gross. Then we hard wired that bad idea into society.


Drunk as Lords is a hilarious ramble through the What, How and Why of drinking since the beginning. And we really mean the beginning. From drunk monkeys descending from the trees, the awful wine of the ancients, booze fueled revolutions, the world’s bloodiest cocktail and next week’s hangover. 


In turns both grim and funny, Richard Murff follows the history, science and lore of spirits from a floating bourbon rickhouse on the Mississippi River, being force fed vodka in the Ukraine, and William Faulkner in Iraq. Drunk as Lords is the story of civilization… and distillation. 

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