On Horseback Through Asia Minor Vol. I

Frederick Burnaby

Frederick Burnaby was the most interesting man in the Empire: soldier, spy, raconteur and a practical joker.

Making a 1,000 ride through Turkey he details the great power competition with Russia, religious fanaticism of the Middle East, and a world few Westerners have ever seen.


And he managed to tell the tale like he just came back from a cocktail party. Sure, it was the 1880's, but... plus ça change.

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You're Busy, Not Illiterate


The Prince

Niccolo Machiavelli

After 500 years, it is still hard to know what to make of Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince. We think we know what it all means – but do we? Unlike most of history’s iconic figures, Machiavelli hasn’t been rewritten with each passing generation: He’s always been a first-rate bastard. If nothing else, that’s integrity.


But is it fair? The Prince may be devoid of angles singing but it is a brilliant and plain-spoken explanation of the mechanics of the real world – whether you’re running for office or trying to get ahead at work. Best not to use on relationships… we really can’t stress that enough.

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