Haint Punch-2.png


Richard Murff

Lucy Burton is sitting on the biggest political of the year. Deke Kipling has been canceled by the radical left and right. She needs to get inside the political maneuvering of a Labor Day Dove Shoot in the Mississippi Delta. He needs a vacation. 

The race for a Mississippi Senate seat is on, but is Aubrey Laudermilk, the “Old Bear of Mississippi Politics,” contemplating a grab for the White House? Or is he a latter-day Guy Fawkes, planning to blow the whole thing? What follows is a stiff cocktail of lecherous politicos, violent peaceniks, alt-right dateless wonders, unwashed nymphomaniacs, bourbon-soaked aristocrats, and a gas-bag media all stirred with the very large penis of a hooved mammal. 

HAINT PUNCH is “House of Cards” on laughing gas. Topical and hilarious, touching a deep and widespread feeling that we must cry for the current state of affairs, or have a side splitting laugh about it.