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This is going to be a long fall – and no minds are going to change. There is going to be a lot of talk about voter fraud and suppression and the American press will not be talking about Belarus. Before you get too worked up, Burnaby suggests merely thinking it through. The state level USPS claims that without a major infusion of cash, they can’t ensure delivery by mail-in votes by November 3rd. Consider that all mail-in absentee ballots never get in on time, and they are still counted because it’s the post-mark, not the delivery date that matters. Even with a 95% turn-out they volume would still be lighter than Christmas card deliveries.

The left would have you believe that the whole issue is ruse by Trump despite the fact that the post office has been in decline for a generation. Trump supporters would have you believe that, inexplicably, mail-in voting by people scared of COVID is somehow more fraud-ridden than mail-in voting by college students and service members abroad.

What is going to be different this year is that satisfying night of concession of the defeated to the victor. If he loses, Trump will very likely not concede, and very well might sue over mail-in ballots. Well, those are the rules, tedious though they may be. That will be a temper tantrum, not a coup, and there is a difference. Whatever you call it, Trump simply hasn’t got the power to call the vote, or stay in office if he doesn’t like the tally. No one does. And that’s something for which we should all be thankful.

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