For the Mob is Eternally Virtuous

“For the mob is eternally virtuous, and the only thing necessary to get it to favor some new and super-oppressive law is to convince it that the law will be distasteful to the minority that it envies and hates.”


America has sunk into a nation of legislation by the theatrics of jealousy. A land of punitive laws that seem to make absolutely no sense but to annoy the opposition. Trump was never going to build a wall across Mexico, he said it to send the liberals into fits for the amusement of the working-class people the liberals had dismissed as bumpkins. Once Trump told working class voters that they were not the butt of the joke, they’d forgive him anything. And they just about have.

No one is defunding the police. They only say it to send conservative into fits for the amusement of the terminally hip who want to be called snowflakes. And they will follow any movement that makes them feel strong.

It’s absurd, and the only point of either side’s agenda seems to be to be unsettling to a part of the population who won't East votes in their direction. And let’s be honest, as satisfying as it is to righteously chap someone you don’t like, it really is no way to run a republic you hope will still be standing in a generation.

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