If You Must Yell...

Football is, after all, a wonderful way to get rid of your aggressions without going to jail for it.     

Heywood Hale Braun

Life is very frustrating in a lot of ways. And if society is going to lumber on in any sort of way, we can't go around picking out someone or some group and take it out on them unless you want blow back. Healthy people people and societies realize this - sometimes things are lousy and it isn't anyones fault, or the situation is so convoluted that it's possible that everyone involved thought they were doing the right thing. And yet, the frustration remains.

Which is likely explains the place of sports in modern life: we are very frustrated. Life is hectic, the alternative to have a very tedius job is even worse. Social media is a cesspool of jealousies and oneupmanship that we seem unable to walk away from and now not only to we see some fools stage set vacation of dinner, we feel obliged to tell them our happy we are about it.

With football we can paint ourselves, wear tribal colors, scream and feel fury or victory in a controlled settling. Then go home and wash it off. And face Monday a little less annoyed with the world. The containment of sports fan fury is the key. And some agreed upon rules.

Perhaps we could have a protest season.

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