Obituary Cocktail

An ode to that sleazy pirate colony that Bienville founded all those years ago. The Europeans never though that Louisiana was much of a colony, and traded it around like some ugly family heirloom before being sold in a garage sale to America. Lacking long term potential, whomever happened to be ruling the place that week generally tried to squeeze the most out of the concession while they had it by barring trade with any other European power. But there was money in all that sugar and cotton, and where there is cash and closed markets, there are pirates.

To the locals in New Orleans, the brothers Jean and Pierre Lafitte weren’t criminals, but heroes, purveyors of a Black Market emporium that operated out of a ironworks on the corner of Bourbon and St. Phillip.

Now a bar, Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop mixes up an ode to its namesake with a smashing variant on the classic American martini – The Obituary Cocktail:

  • 4 parts gin

  • ½ part dry vermouth

  • ½ part absinthe

Pour ingredients in a shaker over ice, throw it around a bit, and strain into a cocktail glass. In short, it’s an absinthe rinsed martini – refreshing in a world where these modern twists are so sickeningly sweet. The anise gives you a licorice bite and this isn’t a bad one to try with one of those botanical gins like Hendricks or Aviation.

And yes, the Green Fairy does contain tujune – a chemical cousin to TMJ in marijuana ­– but only trace amounts. While there is a mellow feel to the Obituary Cocktail, if you want to get flat-out stoned this is the wrong note. You’ll need to head to Colorado or call that college buddy that never got a real job for that.

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