Sound and Fury... and Gin

Last week a step in the right direction was taken and that's worth noting because 2020 hasn't had a lot of them. On August 13 the UAE and Israel opened up formal relations. That doesn't sound like much, but last week, Egypt and Jordan were the only two regional countries to officially admit officially that the Jewish State even existed. They knew it was there alright, but now it's official, and that matters.

Our quote this week, is a bit of dialogue from ole Papa Hemingway to point out that sound and the fury behind the dream of a homeland is nessisarily attached to the grimy soil on which one must sit. The reality and the ideal are both important. Entirley different but inextricably linked. United States would not have achieved what it has without the dream we call America?

Pratically, the opening of relations changes little, as Richard Murff points out this week, but like Gino in A Farewell to Arms, it recognized the reality - and reality is a better than passion when it comes to workable solutions to societal problems. This is worth thinking about as dueling dreams of America eclipse the on the ground reality with opposing narratives that simply cannot be questioned.

Which is why we watched Steven Spielberg's Munich (2005) this week, and so should you. Revenge, even wholly justified, is very often counter-productive. Heavy thoughts, but a step forward, and great movie. And of course, a gin & tonic.


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