The Home Team

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Welcome to Birmingham, Alabama – the Football Capital of the South – a city that has likely had more pro football teams than any other city. None have been in the NFL, and all have failed. Quickly.

As veteran sportswriter Scott Adamson can attest, loving an off-brand team is the triumph of hope over experience. Having decided at an early age that tackle football was the greatest sport man has yet to invent, Adamson takes us on a fan’s-eye view of life with Brand X football. The Home Team: My Bromance with Off-Brand Football is the funny, somewhat tortured, journey of a fanatic’s life long quest for a hometown team of his own.

It is a fun, short read. And while it is set in Birmingham, the scope is bigger than that. Like how Moneyball is about more than the Oakland A's. This is really about the honest heartache that comes with rooting likely isn't going to make it - but might. Not just on the field that day, but as an institution. The story for every sports fan whose never lived in a first tier market. It is filled with trivia, history, heartache, and more trivia. And how game day hotdogs can be fatal to young romance. Adamson’s account of Birmingham’s unsinkable quest for pro football is for any fan whose hometown’s reach has exceeded its grasp.

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